Thursday 4th November
7.30am – 8.30am (breakfast session)

The Presenter

Bridget Marshall
Matanga Tapuhi, Nurse Practitioner, Palliative Care

Bridget has worked in palliative care in a number of nursing positions over the past 25 years. She has worked in hospices both nationally and internationally, as well as with aged residential care providers, and in national roles such as the National Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) Office.

Bridget is currently working as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Arohanui Hospice, Palmerston North. She has been an NP for the past three years and during this time one of her roles is clinical lead of a small team working in partnership with aged care facilities. The team’s focus is to provide clinical support for residents with specialist palliative care needs and to provide support and advice to staff caring for those
requiring primary palliative care. Bridget has a special interest in promoting access to quality palliative care for the older vulnerable person.

About the Webinar

The topic will include:

• An Age Old Challenge or an Old Age Challenge
• Models of palliative care within the aged care sector
• Challenges that exist within the aged care sector in delivering palliative care
• Ways specialist palliative care services have worked in partnership with organisations to overcome challenges
• An example of a partnership model – The development and use of Palliative Care Reviews