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Welcome to the College of Emergency Nurses New Zealand – NZNO (CENNZ) webpage where we will be publicising upcoming webinars and uploading webinar recordings to watch later.

We aim to provide relevant professional development topics in this webinar programme, and look forward to your feedback via our online survey at the end of each webinar; please keep us updated on the webinar topics of most interest to you!

The webinars will be recorded and accessible via this partner webpage as we know how busy people are and the challenges of working around shiftwork rosters.

We will source presenters who are highly qualified and experienced health professionals in their specialty areas, so we hope these webinars will assist to keep you up to date on a broad spectrum of emergency nursing topics.

We will also be exploring webinars for topics of specific interest to our CNM / CNE / AENN / ENP networks.

For further information about CENNZ including membership enquiries, grants and awards information, and the Emergency Nurse NZ journal, please click this link College of Emergency Nurses New Zealand – NZNO

We encourage you to explore the recordings of other webinar topics available on the My Health Hub webinars page, as many may also be relevant to emergency nursing practice.

Webinars coming soon

Recorded Webinars

Recorded Webinar #10:

Held on:  3rd April 2024

Presented by: JULIA SLARK, PhD, RN; Head of School, Nursing Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland

Topic will include:
• Aetiology and presentation of sudden onset stroke
• Acute care interventions & management
• Immediate Complications
• Primary and secondary prevention

Recorded Webinar #9:

Held on:  22nd February 2024

Presented by: ANNA ELDERS, Nurse Practitioner/Cognitive Bahavioural Therapist
Clinical lead for Just a Thought

This presentation will include a brief introduction to:
• Different types of trauma experiences
• The impacts of trauma across the lifespan
• Physiological impacts of trauma on different systems within the body
• Trauma informed care, and the basics of trauma screening
• Benefits of practicing in a trauma-informed way.

Recorded Webinar #8:

Held on:  15th November 2023

Presented by: DAMAN KAUR, Nurse Practitioner with specialist interest in Cardiology

TIn this webinar Daman will discuss:
• Normal ECG
• Calculating the heart rate for Irregular heart rate methods
• Sinus arrythmias
• Myocardial infarction
• Atrial fibrillation/flutter
• Heart blocks
• Ventricular arrythmias
• QTC calculation

Recorded Webinar #7:
Management of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices in the ED

Held on:  5th September 2023

Presented by: THEO PEARSON, Cardiac Physiologist, Wellington Hospital

This presentation will cover:

  • Device Site issues
  • Pacing issues
  • Management of appropriate ICD shocks
  • Management of inappropriate ICD shocks
  • Home monitoring and its role in patient follow up.

Recorded Webinar #6:
Managing the Breathless Patient

Held on:  20th July 2023

Presented by: NICOLA CORNA, Nurse Practitioner, Respiratory Services , Te Whatu Ora – Counties Manukau

This presentation will cover:

  • Respiratory anatomy and pathophysiology of common respiratory conditions
  • Aetiology of breathlessness
  • Assessment of breathlessness
  • Measurement of breathlessness
  • Management of breathlessness including both pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies
  • Oxygen therapy – Devices, assessment and management.

Recorded Webinar #5:

Held on:  16th May 2023

Presented by: LIBBY HASKELL, Paediatric Emergency Nurse Practitioner – Children’s Emergency Department, Starship Hospital
Senior Research Fellow – Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth, University of Auckland

This presentation will cover:

• What is bronchiolitis
• How do we provide evidence-based care for infants with bronchiolitis
• Knowledge translation and how we can improve care
• Findings from bronchiolitis studies as part of PhD.

Recorded Webinar #4:

Held on:  23rd March 2023

Presented by: DEMI DU TOIT, RN, Emergency Department Te Whatu Ora – Waikato Hospital

This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the what the “pause” means
  • How the “pause” may benefit the team
  • An insight into different types of “pauses” in the Emergency Department

Recorded Webinar #3:

Held on:  21 February 2023

Presented by: DEBORA ANDERSON, RN MN, Psych Consult Liaison, CNE, Crisis Response, Duly Authorised Officer

1 person in 5 who died by suicide visited ED in the month prior – this webinar will:

• Cover how to ask if someone is suicidal and what does the patient want
• Examine risk categories and how to reduce risk
• Discuss the Columbia Suicide Scale
• Outline Resources and education opportunities for health professionals

For those interested in receiving the handouts for this session please email Lauren Miller at CENNZ

Recorded Webinar #2:
The Impact of long-term mental health conditions on physical health

Held on:  28 November 2022

Cath Allwood, Mental Health Educator in the Emergency Department (Te Whatu Ora Southern)

* An overview of common mental health conditions and symptoms
* Stigma & Diagnostic overshadowing
* Physical risks for mental health – Key facts
* Opportunities for improving practice

Recorded Webinar #1:
Violence and Aggression in the emergency nursing workplace

Held on:  14 June 2022

Dr Sandy Richardson, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health, University of Canterbury

* the reality of a culture of violence, and how to counter this
* managing unacceptable behaviours
* why under-reporting is dangerous
* verbal and sexual harassment, as well as physical and professional risk
* the impact of covid-19

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