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Welcome to the PRIME responders webpage where we will be uploading the recordings of our monthly educational webinar programme. We aim to provide a wide range of topics for this webinar programme, aligned with the feedback we receive from you via our online survey at the end of each webinar; so keep us updated on the webinar topics of most interest to you!

We understand our PRIME responders are very busy at work and on-call, so for these rural health professionals it can be challenging to access relevant continuing professional development. We will source presenters who are highly qualified and experienced health professionals in their specialty areas, so we hope these webinars will assist to keep you up to date on a broad spectrum of emergency care topics.

Recorded PRIME Webinars

Recorded Webinar #6:
Diabetes Emergencies

Held on: Wednesday 6 July

Lisa Sparks, Diabetes CNS/Team Leader Waitemata DHB Diabetes Service

Lisa’s presentation covers:

  • Brief overview of types and pathophys and progression of diabetes
  • Overview of management for T1/T2 including brief review of insulin and non-insulin agents
  • Mild – severe hypoglycaemia including hypoglycaemia unawareness
  • Hyperglycaemia, DKA and HHS
  • “Sick day rules” people with diabetes should know

Recorded Webinar #5:
Out of Hospital Management of STEMI

Held on: Wednesday 8 June

KRIS GAGLIARDI – Assistant Clinical Director, St John

In this webinar, Kris provides an overview of out-of-hospital STEMI pathways in New Zealand, discusses the main treatment modalities for STEMI and the evidence behind them, and presents recent learnings and practice pearls gained from STEMI cases.

Recorded Webinar #4:
Managing Agitated Delirium

Held on: Wednesday 11 May

Dr Michal Boyd is a Senior Lecturer from the School of Nursing at the University of Auckland. She will cover:

  • Recognising hypoactive and hyperactive delirium and distinguishing it from dementia
  • Delirium identification tools
  • Risk factors for delirium
  • Understanding the clinical course of delirium and consequences
  • Non-pharmacologic interventions
  • Pharmacologic interventions

Recorded Webinar #3:
PRIME Obstetric Emergencies

Held on: Thursday 7 April

A brief overview of recognising, assessing and managing the following emergencies in a rural or remote setting :

  • Cord prolapse
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Unanticipated delivery
  • Post partum Haemorrhage
  • Maternal Sepsis (a little)

Recorded Webinar #2:
PRIME Preparing Patients for Air Retrieval 

Held on: Wednesday 2 March

This webinar discusses some of the issues of aeromedical transport and its effects on our patients and the equipment used. The presentation also offers some practical advice on personnel, equipment and how to package and prepare a patient for helicopter retrieval.

Recorded Webinar #1:
PRIME COVID-19 Response Update 

Held on: Wednesday 2 February

This webinar included a general update on the impact of COVID on emergency response capability. 

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