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About the webinar

Julia Spark PhD, RN
Head School of Nursing Faculty of Medical
and Health Sciences University of Auckland

Dr Julia Slark qualified as a Registered Nurse in London, UK in 1993. She has 15 years’ experience as a clinical nurse specialist in Stroke patient care, and was part of the team at Imperial College NHS Trust which implemented the London-wide, new stroke strategy to provide urgent hyper-acute stroke interventions to London regional populations in 2009. Since arriving in New Zealand in 2013, Julia has led two stroke development projects in Auckland and Waikato to implement hyper-acute stroke services and she coordinates New Zealand’s only stroke specialty nursing course. Julia is an enthusiastic and committed nurse, educator and researcher who is passionate about providing the highest standards of care to patients.

Her topic will include:

  • Aetiology and presentation of sudden onset stroke
  • Goals of Acute Care
  • Nursing Priorities
  • Immediate Complications