Ruth Barratt

Ruth Barratt

Infection Prevention and Control and Quality Advisor - Vector Consulting

Bio: Ruth is a registered nurse, quality advisor and is credentialed at expert level in infection prevention and control through the Australasian College for Infection Control Professionals. She holds a PhD through the University of Sydney and a masters in infection prevention and control. Ruth has more than 23 years’ experience in this field across the private and public sectors in New Zealand and Australia, and has authored a number of journal publications. She has represented infection prevention and control professionals on a number of Australasian committees and working parties, and is a member of the New Zealand IPC Sub-group of TAG COVID-19. In addition to her private consulting role, Ruth is currently working as an IPC specialist with the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

Her topics include:

• Healthcare associated infections
• MRSA, ESBL, VRE and other multi-drug resistant organisms
• Using personal protective equipment
• Clostridiodes difficile infection and other diarrhea infectious diseases
• COVID-19 and IPC measures in primary and community care
• IPC for GP practices (Cornerstone/Foundation accreditation requirements)


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