Ruth Barratt

Ruth Barratt

Infection Prevention and Control and Quality Advisor - Vector Consulting

Qualifications: PhD, NZRN, BSc, MAdvPrac (Hons)

Bio: Ruth is a registered nurse, quality advisor and is credentialed at expert level in infection prevention and control through the Australasian College for Infection Control Professionals. She holds a PhD through the University of Sydney and a masters in infection prevention and control. Ruth has more than 25 years’ experience in this field across the private and public sectors in New Zealand and Australia, and has authored a number of journal publications. She has represented infection prevention and control professionals on a number of Australasian committees and working parties. In addition to her private consulting role, Ruth is currently working as an IPC specialist with the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

Her topics include:

• Healthcare associated infections
• MRSA, ESBL, VRE and other multi-drug resistant organisms
• Basics in infection prevention and control
• Clostridiodes difficile infection and other diarrhoea infectious diseases
• Standard precautions including Personal Protective Equipment
• IPC for GP practices (Cornerstone/Foundation accreditation requirements)
• Applying the hierarchy of controls to residential and primary care


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