Kate Berridge

Kate Berridge

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Metabolic Bariatrics, Founder of Tiaki Whaiaro Weight Management Specialists

Qualifications: RNcP MN (Hons)

Bio: Kate is the founder and director of Tiaki Whaiaro Weight Management Specialists (Tiaki = Care | Whaiaro=Self) and Aotearoa/New Zealand’s most experienced Metabolic Bariatric Nurse Specialist. Her work with thousands of weight loss surgery patients in the public system showed her they needed more comprehensive support during and after their weight loss, especially when there was weight regain. Kate is passionate about reframing the way obesity is viewed in our current environment, specifically how it intersects with health and healthcare. Her study around obesity for her Masters Degree showed the impact shame has on our physical and mental health, and that self-care by weight loss surgery patients is not intuitive.





Her topics include:

• Why diets don’t work
• Understanding the complexities of obesity
• Unpacking weight bias
• The impact of stress on obesity
• Caring for the post-surgery weight loss patient


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