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Co-owner and General Practitioner, Bayview Medical Centre, Paihia

Suzanne immigrated to New Zealand in 1989 and began working as a General Practitioner at The Wellsford Medical Centre. In 1993 she started as a hospital doctor at The Bay of Islands Hospital in Kawakawa. Suzanne went on to become a co-owner at The Bayview Medical Centre in Paihia in 1994 where she continues to work as a General Practitioner.

About the webinar:

Estimates of childhood sexual abuse suggest 1 in five children are victims, in this webinar Suzanne will discuss:

• The impact of sexual abuse and ongoing effects throughout people’s lives
• Sexual Abuse is trauma – strategies for recovery
• GP consultation – an opportunity to discuss the impact of sexual abuse
• Healing strategies
• How best to assist in the 15 minute setting.