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About the webinar

Elle Cradwick
Suicide Prevention Co-ordinator & Wellbeing Consultant

Elle holds a MSc in Psychology, with a particular interest in equipping professionals and community members with the skills and confidence they need to support people and whānau in tough times. Her current role is as a DHB-funded Suicide Prevention Co-ordinator based in Waitaha Canterbury, co-ordinating postvention responses and leading prevention initiatives alongside community and organisational partners.

Her topic will include:

Current healthcare challenges are particularly stressful at individual, organisational, and systemic levels. Workforce resilience is fundamental to coping with demanding situations and maintaining an effective healthcare system. This webinar focusses on individual resilience and providing a roadmap for coping with adversity. Additional reading and viewing is provided for those who are particularly interested, and follow-up interactive workshops will be offered to dive deeper into refining skills to foster resilience.