Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall

Nurse Practitioner, Cardiology, Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Bio: Rachel Hall currently works as a nurse practitioner in cardiology for Bay of Plenty District Health Board, and runs clinics in Te Puke linked with PHOs delivering Hauora Services. She trained as a RGON, going on to get a BN in 2000, a M.H. Sc in 2007 and another post-grad certificate in 2014. Rachel has been involved with cardiac rehabilitation for many years and has chaired the CSANZ Rehab committee and been representative on the International Committee of Cardiac Rehabilitation. She has taught a post-graduate cardiology paper for nurses for several years. Currently a lot of her week is spent providing support to heart failure clinics; helping patients reach optimal health. Rachel is also involved with Adult Congenital Heart Services transitional clinics, and involved in monitoring of patients with various pacing devices.

Her topics include:

• Types of heart failure
• Medications shown to benefit and guideline for titration
• Other therapies to help heart failure (CRT, ablation)
• Patient self-monitoring
• Adjusting diuretics


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