Older Adult Health team

Older Adult Health team

Older Adult Health Team - Te Whatu Ora Waitemata


The older adult health team includes:

  • Carol Pilcher
  • Janet Parker

Their topics include:

  • The complex wound; wound bed preparation and a holistic assessment
  • Pressure injury prevention


Janet Parker

Qualifications: NZRN, BN, MN, NP

Bio: Janet Parker practiced in community health, first as a District Nurse and then as a Gerontology Nurse Specialist. She gained her Masters of Nursing in 2007 and achieved Nurse Practitioner registration in 2010. She has continued to develop her expertise in gerontology and regularly shares her knowledge with colleagues.

Her topics include:

  • Medication administration in the elderly
  • Delirium in the elderly
  • Advance care plans for the elderly
  • Management of the older adult in pain
  • Falls prevention in the elderly


Carole Pilcher

Qualification: NZRN

Bio: Carole is a Gerontology Nurse Practitioner at Te Whatu Ora Waitemata where she practices in the community, residential care sector, and has a weekly outpatient clinic. Carole has been working in the specialty of gerontology for twenty years, was a gerontology nurse specialist for ten years before becoming a Nurse Practitioner in 2014.





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