Anna Elders

Anna Elders

Nurse Practitioner/Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - Tamaki Health. Clinical lead for ‘Just a Thought’ Professional Teaching Fellow – The University of Auckland

Bio: Dually trained nurse practitioner and cognitive behavioural therapist with almost two decades clinical experience within a variety of different treatment settings. Anna works as clinical lead for a new online CBT tool ‘Just a Thought’ and works in clinical practice providing psychiatric assessment and pharmacological, psychological and nutritional/integrative treatment within a primary care setting.


Her topics include:

• Understanding and supporting people with post-traumatic stress disorder
• Trauma informed care and trauma screening
• Understanding and working alongside clients with complex interpersonal styles
• Enhancing client engagement in change behaviour using motivational interviewing
• Female hormonal dysregulation and its impacts on mental wellbeing
• Chronic stress and mental health conditions – integrative treatment options for enhancing HPA axis function
• Complementary lifestyle approaches for enhancing mental health and wellbeing
• Using acceptance and commitment therapy as a brief, trans diagnostic tool



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