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About the webinar

Tiffany Hodgson
Physician Associate – Cambridge Family Health

Tiffany is the longest-standing PA in NZ and currently works at Cambridge Family Health. She assisted Health Workforce NZ with recruiting practices for the second PA demonstration in general practice and emergency medicine and became a founder of the NZ PA Society in 2014. In 2020 she helped form “GP Business Solutions” to recruit experienced PAs from overseas to help fill the gaps in NZ’s increasingly busy clinics, urgent cares and hospitals.

You will hear from Lisa deWolfe, PA-C and Jacquelyn Sartorius, MEd, MPAS, PA-C, along with experts in the field to learn more about this role.

Her topic will include:

  • Physician associates are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans resembling their doctor colleagues
  • NZ PAs work within the scope of practice of supervising doctors at their clinics
  • PAs generalist medical training give them the ability to provide a wide spectrum of options for clinic coverage
  • Internationally, PAs improve healthcare access, lower cost and provide quality care