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About the webinar

Suicide Prevention Co-ordinator & Wellbeing Consultant

Elle holds a MSc in Psychology, with a particular interest in equipping professionals and community members with the skills and confidence they need to be there for people and whanau in tough times. Elle works as a DHB-funded Suicide Prevention Co-ordinator based in Waitaha Canterbury, co-ordinating postvention responses and leading prevention initiatives alongside community and organisational partners. Elle’s presentation style is engaging, interactive, and customised to the needs of the audience.

Topic includes:

Active listening is a core competency in effective patient-centred care, building trust, minimising misunderstandings, and allowing the co-creation of an effective care plan. Although systemic, personal, and time pressures provide challenges to being fully attentive to patients, the skill of active listening can be improved with practice.

• Refine your existing communication skills by understanding the fundamentals of active listening
• Brainstorming barriers to effective listening, and by reflecting on past experiences
• Identifying actions required to improve your skills.