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DR DAVID MCNAMARA, Paediatric respiratory and sleep medicine specialist at Starship Children’s Hospital (Te Toka Tumai Auckland)

DR ROB BURRELL, Anaesthetist at Middlemore Hospital (Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau) and clinical lead for Te Whatu Ora climate change group

Research shows that many children with asthma do not use a spacer, less than 35% are given an action plan, few have had their inhaler technique tested, and 20–50% of health professionals have incorrect technique. Although asthma deaths are rare, Maori and Pacific asthma mortality rates remain alarmingly higher than in non-Maori, non-Pacific peoples.

In this webinar, Starship Hospital paediatric respiratory and sleep medicine specialist, Dr McNamara, will discuss how asthma:

  •  is not a trivial diagnosis and must be diagnosed correctly in children
  • disparities for Māori and Pasifika should be actively managed
  • diagnosis and management requires repeated review
  • control, adherence, and inhaler technique should be reviewed at every visit
  • AIR/SMART therapy can reduce exacerbations and may be first line for some.

As clinical lead of the Te Whatu Ora climate change group, Middlemore Hospital anaesthetist Dr Burrell will then discuss the impact of inhaler propellants on the environment, and how we can minimise harm.