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Palliative Care Physician (Retired) and Best-selling author

Dr Kathryn Mannix took early retirement after 30 years as a palliative care doctor, to campaign for better public understanding of dying. Her first book With the End in Mind is a collection of stories that illustrate the way people live while they are dying, and it became an international best-seller. Her second book, Listen: how to find the words for tender conversations, draws on her experience as a Cognitive Behavioural  psychotherapist, a doctor, a trainer/educator and a person grounded in family and friendships, to explore those conversations that may feel daunting, but that matter most to us. Kathryn visited New Zealand in 2019 and is yearning to come back. She lives in the countryside in the far North of England with her husband and a small flock of chickens. We all probably have a conversation we’re avoiding. It’s important, but it feels tricky. Often, we feel daunted by the strong emotions involved. We’re not sure how to begin, or whether we should try to. ‘Tender Conversations’ will consider the principles that help us to open, begin, continue and finish these important yet daunting conversations in a way that is helpful and safe.