Jane Goodwin

Jane Goodwin

Senior project manager: advance care planning and clinical communications (Health Quality and Safety Commission)

Qualifications: NZRN, MHealSc

Bio: Jane Goodwin is a senior project manager with the advance care planning and clinical communications training team, leading the shared goals of care mahi. Jane has had a strong involvement with advance care planning at a local and national level. She was the advance care planning facilitator in Waitaha Canterbury from 2013-2022, implementing a successful advance care planning program and the pilot of shared goals of care in Christchurch and Burwood Hospitals. She is the lead trainer for with the national advance care planning programme and the clinical lead for the serious illness conversation guide Aotearoa. Jane has a Bachelor of Nursing (1st Class Honours) and a Master of Health Sciences.

Her specialised topic is:

• Advance care planning



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