Elle Cradwick

Elle Cradwick

Mental Health Educator

Bio: Kia ora, nō Ingarangi ahau, engari, kei Ōtautahi taku kāinga ināianei. Ko Tangata Tiriti ahau, Ko Elle Cradwick tōku ingoa.

Elle has a background in psychology (MSc) and suicide prevention & postvention, as well as in the mental health innovation space with Big Chats. As a mental health professional she is particularly interested in supporting the professionals and community members of people going through tough times by providing education, resources and advice on relevant topics. Her presentation style is interactive, engaging, and centered in practical tools participants can implement in their professional and personal lives.

Her topics include:

• Suicide prevention
• Resilience
• De-escalation
• Navigating burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma
• Preventative and interventional self-care
• Active listening for healthcare professionals


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