Elle Cradwick

Elle Cradwick

Suicide Prevention Co-ordinator & Wellbeing Consultant

Bio: Elle holds a MSc in Psychology, with a particular interest in equipping professionals and community members with the skills and confidence they need to be there for people and whānau in tough times. Elle works as a DHB-funded suicide prevention co-ordinator based in Waitaha Canterbury, co-ordinating postvention responses and leading prevention initiatives alongside community and organisational partners. Elle’s presentation style is engaging, interactive, and customised to the needs of the audience. In drawing out conversations and experiences from participants, attendees often learn from each other as well as from the presenter.

Her topics include:

• Suicide prevention
• Resilience
• Mental health
• The impact of trauma on the brain
• Navigating burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma
• Preventative and interventional self-care
• The mind-body connection
• Active listening for healthcare professionals


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