Dr Michal Boyd

Dr Michal Boyd

Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing - University of Auckland

Qualifications: RN, NP, ND, FCNA (NZ) FAANP

Bio: Dr Michal Boyd is a nurse practitioner who works privately in residential aged care facilities with Equinox Health Ltd and holds Honorary Associate Professor position. She is also current board Chair of Dementia Auckland. Her main research interests are care of older adults living with frailty and dementia in the community and those living residential aged care, as well as advanced nursing practice. She was primary investigator for the “End of life with dementia” study, and has recently completed the Deterioration Early Warning System (with Julie Daltrey) for residential aged care, both funded by the Ageing Well National Science Challenge.

Her topics include: 

• Dementia, depression and delirium – the 3Ds
• Frailty in primary healthcare
• Resilience and burnout – RNs.


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