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About the webinar

Professor Nicola Dalbeth
Professor, University of Auckland, Rheumatologist, ADHB.

Professor Dalbeth leads a programme of research into gout at the University of Auckland and is regarded as the top international researcher in gout. 

The topic will include:

This webinar for Health Coaches and Support Workers is the first of two webinars focussing on gout. The first webinar looks at the causes and treatments for gout to help whānau avoid painful and damaging gout attacks, as well as other long-term health problems. The second webinar on the 29 June is about having the conversation with whānau with gout about taking long term medicines. Gout is a condition that disproportionately affects Māori whānau and Pacific peoples. This webinar will explain:

  • how the kidneys of most Māori whānau and Pacific peoples with gout hold onto uric acid in the body, making the risk of gout attacks extremely high.
  • why the most effective treatment to prevent gout attacks is reducing underlying levels of uric acid using long term medicine.
  • why focusing on food and drink alone will not address the underlying causes of gout leading to more painful gout attacks and joint damage, and the health risks of the high-dose pain relief used to treat gout attacks.