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About the webinar

Dr Amanda Oakley
Adjunct Associate Professor CNZM

Dr Oakley is a medical dermatologist for the Waikato District Health Board, an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Auckland, and a diagnosing consult for MoleMap. She has numerous research and general medical articles published in print and online media. She is currently the President of the International Society of Teledermatology, and passionately promotes the use of teledermatology to support early diagnosis in primary care, avoidance of unnecessary procedures, and the selection of appropriate treatment. She has received many awards for her work.

Topics will include:

  • Ensure you have time to undertake a full skin examination
  • Stratify each patient according to risk of skin cancer, especially melanoma
  • Essential tools for examinations
  • Learn to recognise benign lesions
  • Spot the ugly duckling among the benign lesions
  • Each melanoma has a unique appearance but nearly all have asymmetry of colour and structure
  • Squamous cell carcinomas and Basal cell carcinomasoptions
  • Get a second opinion prior to surgery if you’re inexperienced