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About the webinar

Anna Elders Nurse Practitioner/Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with Tamaki Health
Clinical Lead for Just a Thought
Honourary Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland

Anna is a dually trained mental health nurse practitioner and cognitive behavioural therapist with almost two decades clinical experience within a variety of different treatment settings across the lifespan. Anna works as a Clinical Lead for a new online CBT tool, Just a Thought and works in clinical practice as a Nurse Practitioner, providing psychiatric assessment and pharmacological, psychological and nutritional/integrative treatment within a primary care setting.  

Her topic will include:

  • Common causes and perpetuating factors of chronic stress in humans
  • Impacts of chronic stress on mental and physical wellbeing and interconnected sequalae
  • The HPA axis role in chronic stress and identify the impacts of HPA axis dysregulation
  • Effects of environmental, nutritional, cognitive and behavioural adaptive responses on chronic stress
  • Effective approaches to unwinding chronic stress and supporting HPA axis function to enhance and protect wellbeing