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About the webinar

Shyama Abraham
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Respiratory, Middlemore Hospital

Shyama has worked at CMDHB for nearly 20 years and 19 years have been in Respiratory. She started as a new graduate at Counties in the respiratory inpatient ward, then worked in Orthopedics, ICU and back to respiratory again. Shyama has worked in the adult outpatient respiratory service as a Clinical Nurse Specialist now for over 12 years. Her main area of work is in “Sleep” and she works in the localities such as Mangere and Otara. Shyama’s clinic is usually a split clinic with a few new patients to the service who need a full assessment for probable sleep disordered breathing as well as follow ups for those who are already established on treatment.

Her topic will include:

  • Obstructive sleep apnoea- symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
  • Alternate treatments for mild to moderate sleep apnoea