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About the webinar

Kate Berridge RNcP, BHSc, MN(Hons)
Clinical Nurse Specialist in Bariatrics, Beyond Obesity

Kate has over thirty years nursing experience in a variety of roles and specialties However for the last 13 years she has been working as a Bariatric Nurse Specialist.

Her initial role at CMH evolved out of the “Let’s Beat Diabetes” initiative in 2007, which was developed to assess bariatric surgery’s impact on diabetes and chronic disease. However as the role and scope expanded, so too did her knowledge and depth of the complexities related to weight management. She came to see that obesity is not the choice it is presumed to be and that outcomes evaluated by external measures of weight frequently resulted in poorer mental health.

Her topic will include:

  • An overview of obesity physiology 
  • Why there is increased risk
  • The psychological impact for those living with obesity
  • How to create a therapeutic relationship with those at risk