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About the webinar

The Presenter:

Dr Naomi Richards, Director of the End of Life Studies Group at the University of Glasgow, Lecturer in Social Science, Social anthropologist specialising in death and dying, ageing and old age, and visual and ethnographic methods

About the topic:

Dying in the Margins is a UK based research project investigating experiences of dying at home for those struggling financially and living in deprived areas. The project aims to understand better how people struggling to make ends meet make choices about where they wish to die. The project employs an appreciative enquiry framework which foregrounds the experiences and voices of people with lived experience of poverty. It also uses participatory visual methods which, while not without some risks, have the power to generate imagery which can emotionally engage a wide range of audiences.

• Using qualitative visual methods to uncover barriers to home dying for people experiencing poverty and deprivation
• Charting new terrain with use of these visual methods
• The importance of undertaking in-depth participatory research into how poverty and deprivation affect people specifically at the end of life
• Drawing attention to the social determinants of dying to shape equity-formed palliative care across the board