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About the webinar

Elle Cradwick
MSc, Suicide Prevention Co-ordinator

Elle holds a Masters in Psychology, and works in suicide postvention and prevention. Originally from the UK, she is now based in Waitaha (Canterbury). She is currently embarking on a project driven by the understanding that safe, supportive conversations have the power to change, or even save, a life. The fundamental skills required to support patients, clients, and customers in mental distress are communication skills. This webinar is the first in a series for healthcare providers designed to teach and refine everyday communication skills for application in conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Specific topics covered will be guided by the needs of the participants (e.g., safety planning, suicidality, de-escalation). Just as passengers on planes are instructed not to put on another person’s oxygen mask until they’ve put on their own, to be there for others in distress we first need to know our own wellbeing. This first webinar will give an overview of the course, and will discuss

Her topic will include:

  • Burnout, vicarious trauma & compassion fatigue
  • Preventative and interventional self-care
  • Our capacity as providers of support