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About the webinar

Ursula McColloch: Consultant Clinical Psychologist (CDHB)

Fiona Leighton: Paediatric Dietitian (CDHB)

Mobile Health, in conjunction with the Canterbury Initiative and CDHB Paediatric Feeding service, are pleased to invite you to this webinar offering practice nurses and public health nurses evidenced-based practical skills to support children with restrictive eating disorders.
Restrictive Eating is a persistent feeding or eating disturbance leading to avoidance of food, resulting in significant weight loss or nutritional deficiency and/or impairment in psychosocial functioning.

The topic will include:

  • A framework for understanding restrictive eating patterns
  • Understanding the process of food exploration
  • Evidence based practical tools adapted for age and stage
  • Meeting nutrition needs from a restricted-diet lens
  • Referral pathways for additional support